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4 Ways Your Diet May be Undermining Your Workout Efforts

Brad Pyatt is a former NFL athlete who has since found his niche in providing nutritional supplements and advice to men and women all over the world. Brad Pyatt’s latest business venture is TruWomen, which is a company that caters to women who are looking to lose weight and stay in shape, without giving up their great-tasting snacks and desserts. TruWomen is a brand that encourages lifestyle changes that can keep women healthy for the long-term. The TruWomen brand encourages women to focus on including meals and products into their diets that promote healthy weights and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Although the company mostly focuses on offering women products they can east while trying to live a healthy lifestyle, they also encourage women to steer clear of certain foods that may be doing more harm than good. By using his past in sports and history in the nutritional supplement industry thus far, Brad Pyatt and his company TruWomen suggest that women learn to love the food they eat by creating and consuming things that are both tasty and good for their bodies. For instance, foods that are labeled “fat-free” often mislead consumers into believing these products are especially healthy. However, according to TruWomen and many experts, these products are often highly processed and loaded with sugar.

Another food that the TruWomen brand would recommend that may be undermining women’s ability to maintain a healthy weight is fruit juice. Although there are some organic/cold-pressed juices that can be very healthy when they are assumed on occasion, for the most part, the juices that we buy in the store are loaded with sugar and very bad for your health and your physique.

Yet another food TruWomen asserts that women should steer clear of when they are trying to lose weight is margarine. Despite the fact that many women believe that margarine is a healthy alternative to butter, Brad and the TruWomen brand point out that margarine is very high in trans fats and refined vegetable oils, which are incredibly unhealthy for the body.

Lastly, although it may seem that sports drinks are a healthy way to stay hydrated while working out, many have the opposite effect on the body. This is because they are typically loaded with lots of sugar and salt, which do not help the body at all.

About TruWomen Brand

Created by the ex-professional NFL player, Brad Pyatt and his wife Stephanie, with the goal of offering high-quality advice and products to women who are serious about being healthy in both the long and short-term. TruWomen creates delicious products such as protein bars that are 100% plant-fueled and designed for busy athletic women who take their meals as seriously as their workouts.

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