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4 Ways Your Diet May be Undermining Your Workout Efforts

Brad Pyatt is a former NFL athlete who has since found his niche in providing nutritional supplements and advice to men and women all over the world. Brad Pyatt’s latest business venture is TruWomen, which is a company that caters to women who are looking to lose weight and stay in shape, without giving up their great-tasting snacks and desserts. TruWomen is a brand that encourages lifestyle changes that can keep women healthy for the long-term. The TruWomen brand encourages women to focus on including meals and products into their diets that promote healthy weights and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Although the company mostly focuses on offering women products they can east while trying to live a healthy lifestyle, they also encourage women to steer clear of certain foods that may be doing more harm than good. By using his past in sports and history in the nutritional supplement industry thus far, Brad Pyatt and his company TruWomen suggest that women learn to love the food they eat by creating and consuming things that are both tasty and good for their bodies. For instance, foods that are labeled “fat-free” often mislead consumers into believing these products are especially healthy. However, according to TruWomen and many experts, these products are often highly processed and loaded with sugar.

Another food that the TruWomen brand would recommend that may be undermining women’s ability to maintain a healthy weight is fruit juice. Although there are some organic/cold-pressed juices that can be very healthy when they are assumed on occasion, for the most part, the juices that we buy in the store are loaded with sugar and very bad for your health and your physique.

Yet another food TruWomen asserts that women should steer clear of when they are trying to lose weight is margarine. Despite the fact that many women believe that margarine is a healthy alternative to butter, Brad and the TruWomen brand point out that margarine is very high in trans fats and refined vegetable oils, which are incredibly unhealthy for the body.

Lastly, although it may seem that sports drinks are a healthy way to stay hydrated while working out, many have the opposite effect on the body. This is because they are typically loaded with lots of sugar and salt, which do not help the body at all.

About TruWomen Brand

Created by the ex-professional NFL player, Brad Pyatt and his wife Stephanie, with the goal of offering high-quality advice and products to women who are serious about being healthy in both the long and short-term. TruWomen creates delicious products such as protein bars that are 100% plant-fueled and designed for busy athletic women who take their meals as seriously as their workouts.

Brad Pyatt

Mindset And Fitness: Former NFL Star Brad Pyatt Explains Why Getting Your Mind Right Is The First Step To Getting Fit

Former Indianapolis Colts Star Brad Pyatt Explains Why Mindset Is Key For A Healthy Lifestyle

There can be many obstacles when it comes to getting fit and healthy, but according to football great Brad Pyatt, getting your mind right is the first step in the right direction. Check out Brad Pyatt‘s tips for keeping your head in the game when you’re starting to work toward getting (and staying) fit.

Check your motivation, says Brad Pyatt. If your only motivation is to fit into a certain pair of jeans or look good on vacation, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to stay on top of your plan long-term. Brad Pyatt says that lifestyle goals – such as having the energy to play with your kids and grandkids, or wanting to participate in 5Ks with your family – are much more likely to keep you on the path to health.

Brad Pyatt also recommends getting some accountability when it comes to getting healthy. Whether this means finding a community of like-minded people online, reaching out to a friend to set up a plan to check in with each other, or joining an in-person workout or running group, having the support and positive peer pressure of people who have similar goals can help you stay on track, even when you feel like falling off.

Sustainability is also important, according to Brad Pyatt. Crash dieting and intense fitness plans can produce short-term results, but the damage they do mentally is tough to reverse. It’s important to work to get out of the mentality that you’ll just work really hard for a few weeks, lose some weight for an event, then go back to your normal lifestyle. According to Brad Pyatt, a sustainable plan (that still allows you to rest, enjoy your favorite foods every once in a while, and have dessert from time to time) is an important part of developing the mentality that allows you to get and stay fit long-term.

Brad Pyatt also recommends finding a type of exercise that you enjoy. While you don’t need to be chomping at the bit at the start of every workout, you shouldn’t be dreading your exercise. At the end of a workout session, you should feel satisfied and relaxed, not exhausted or burnt out. Brad Pyatt says that it can take some time to find the right type of workout for you, so don’t be afraid to try a few different workouts in order to find the type of exercise that’s the best fit for you.


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Brad Pyatt Sees Brand’s Plant-Based Protein Bars Top Office Snacks Round-Up by Taste of Home Magazine

TruBrands boss Brad Pyatt celebrates another glowing review of the Colorado-based TruWomen brand’s wildly popular plant-based protein bars.

“Looking to eat a treat at your desk?” asks Taste of Home magazine in a recent piece featuring TruWomen’s delicious dessert-inspired protein bars. Skip the donuts, says the popular publication—part of a leading food media brand responsible for numerous magazines, recipe collections, and cookbooks, and which hosts hundreds of local cooking schools each year—and reach, instead, for a Taste of Home approved office snack that’s not just healthy, but delicious, too.

Unveiled earlier this year, the popular magazine’s ’21 Healthy Office Snacks You’ll Feel Good About’ feature stars a mix of fruit chips, popcorn, seeds and nuts, salads, salsas, granola, oatmeal, cheeses, and more. Taste of Home’s round-up, however, ends on a real winner, TruBrands’ Brad Pyatt reports.

“An office snacks round-up wouldn’t be complete without a rich chocolate treat,” suggests the feature, as highlighted by Brad Pyatt, “and this one just happens to be healthy, too!”

“TruWomen’s protein bars are made from plant-based ingredients like cacao powder, peanuts, brown rice, and cassava flour,” they go on. “Each bar contains fewer than 200 calories and approximately 12 grams of protein,” adds Taste of Home, before crowning TruWomen bars—and the brand’s Smother-Fudger Peanut Butter flavor in particular—a winner among healthy office snacks.

“It’s great to see TruWomen bars so highly rated once again, especially by what’s now one of the world’s leading food media companies,” says TruBrands boss Brad Pyatt, speaking from his home in the picturesque north-central region of Colorado.

Former professional athlete Brad Pyatt is the man behind health and wellness company TruBrands, which, in turn, is just one of the names behind Denver, Colorado-based TruWomen. Part of Brad Pyatt’s TruBrands empire, TruWomen was established under founder Stephanie Pyatt, Brad Pyatt says, to help take the guesswork out of choosing between a healthy or indulgent snack.

Overseen by Brad Pyatt and founder Stephanie, the TruWomen brand has received rave reviews across the board for its products. In addition to topping Taste of Home magazine’s office snacks round-up, TruWomen protein bars have also been judged among the best out there by Business Insider’s Insider Picks, and are top-rated by leading international fashion company Who What Wear’s outlet for everything wellness, TheThirty.

Now with countless followers on social media, including tens of thousands on leading photo-sharing platform Instagram, TruWomen can even count Hollywood A-listers such as Halle Berry and Megan Fox among its fans, according to a recent report by celebrity and entertainment magazine Us Weekly.

At TruWomen, Brad Pyatt is credited with leveraging his extensive experience to help enable growth, and, elsewhere, is celebrated as an invaluable advisor for startups and other companies looking to scale. According to his peers, Brad is best known, it’s said, for his broad range of expertise in sales growth, product development, brand and product innovation, and marketing.

TruWomen Picked up by Whole Foods Market

Rocky Mountain region Whole Foods Markets among first to receive dessert-inspired TruWomen protein bars.

Denver-based nutrition company TruWomen’s plant-based, dessert-inspired protein bars have arrived at Whole Foods Market. Launching with four TruBar flavors, Rocky Mountain region customers can now pick up Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Smother-Fudger Peanut Butter, Saltylicious Almond Love, and Daydreaming About Donuts flavor TruWomen protein bars from their local Whole Foods Market.

“We set out to celebrate the flavor profiles of some of the most iconic and best-loved desserts,” reveals a TruWomen spokesperson, “including chocolate chip cookie dough and glazed doughnuts.”

Part of a new range of indulgent but nutritious products from TruWomen—which the brand has called Indulgent Nutrition—TruWomen protein bars are made with simple, plant-based ingredients, according to the company, such as cacao, cassava, and brown rice protein.

“At TruWomen, we’re obsessed with blurring the lines between healthy and delicious,” said the brand’s spokesperson upon breaking the news of TruWomen’s Indulgent Nutrition range protein bars hitting Rocky Mountain region Whole Foods Markets recently.

Whole Foods customers, TruWomen says, are its target demographic, leaving the Denver, Colorado-based nutrition company extremely excited about its expansion into the multinational supermarket chain. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods exclusively sells products that are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, as well as hydrogenated fats, according to TruWomen.

In addition to being free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, as well as free from hydrogenated fats, TruWomen TruBars are certified 100 percent vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. The plant-based, dessert-inspired protein bars are also soy and dairy-free, verified non-GMO, and contain zero sugar alcohols, according to the growing TruWomen brand, founded by Stephanie Pyatt and co-founder Erica Groussman.

The TruWomen brand has developed a considerable following online, with more than 73,000 people now tuned into TruWomen’s posts on the photo and video-sharing social networking platform, Instagram. Fans of the brand are invited to sign up for exclusive offers, limited edition product news, and insider access to TruWomen events.

“One of our big goals for TruWomen is to make it easier for shoppers to feel proud about choosing our products and sharing them with others,” says TruWomen co-founder Erica Groussman. “As moms who are always on the go, we couldn’t shake the fact that most snacks either taste good, yet use ingredients we couldn’t pronounce, or they use clean ingredients, but taste like cardboard,” adds TruWomen founder Stephanie Pyatt.

“At TruWomen,” she goes on, “we’re taking the guesswork out of choosing between a healthy or indulgent snack, and as a female-founded brand, we support other female-founded, female-owned, and female-managed businesses who also elevate women in their respective organizations.”

TruWomen’s Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Smother-Fudger Peanut Butter, Saltylicious Almond Love, and Daydreaming About Donuts flavor TruWomen protein bars are available now from Rocky Mountain region Whole Foods Markets priced at $2.49 each.

Ex-NFL Star Brad Pyatt launches TruWomen Nutrition Bars

Brad Pyatt and wife Stephanie Pyatt’s new line of TruWomen nutritional bars have what active women need

To compete in the National Football League, athletes need to perform at their prime. The same is true of modern women, who juggle careers, young children, aging parents, and the demands of 21st century life. Fortunately, former National Football League player Brad Pyatt and his wife Stephanie Pyatt’s new line of TRUBAR by TRUWOMEN nutrition bars give women the energy they need to stay at the top of their game. Brad Pyatt and wife Stephanie Pyatt’s TruWomen energy bars are 100% Plant Fueled™, ensuring that women can compete in the modern world all the while, as Ginger Rogers once said, dancing backwards and in high heels.

No longer do women have to choose between clean eating and food that tastes great. With flavors like Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Smother Fudger Peanut Butter, and I Scream for Orange Cream, Brad Pyatt’s TruWomen energy bars taste delicious and are rapidly becoming the favorite treat of women everywhere. And, with each bar under 200 calories, they are the perfect snack for women who are watching what they eat.

Only simple ingredients you can pronounce go into TruWomen nutrition bars. Each bar is vegan certified, Kosher, and free of genetically modified organisms and sugar alcohols. With clean, all natural ingredients that are free of several common allergens including soy and dairy, they are also snacks women can feel good about giving to ther their families anytime, anywhere. Even the fair trade coca is full of antioxidants and rich, chocolate flavor. The nourishing fats are good for women’s hearts and are sustainably sourced.

In the National Football League, it takes an entire team to work together to win a championship. The same is true of TruWomen nutrition bars. Brad Pyatt, Stephanie Pyatt and the entire TruWomen team is pioneering a new business model that is committed to leadership opportunities for women and insists on pay equity across the board. Beyond the walls of the TruWomen offices, Brad Pyatt and the the team focuses company spending on vendors that are owned by women, were founded by women, or companies where women are represented equally. For a vendor to keep TruWomen’s business they must continue to raise up the women in their organizations. The end result is TruWomen elevating their business game at the same time they raise the bar on what a delicious, nutritious snack for the modern woman looks like.

After leaving the National Football League, Brad Pyatt started a nutritional supplement business that provided scientifically proven nutritional products to athletes. He has taken the expertise gained on and off the field and poured it into TruWomen nutrition bars. He was listed by Money, Inc., as one their Top 50 athlete-entrepreneurs. TRUBAR was founded by Brad Pyatt and his wife, Stephanie.