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Ex-NFL Star Brad Pyatt launches TruWomen Nutrition Bars

Brad Pyatt and wife Stephanie Pyatt’s new line of TruWomen nutritional bars have what active women need

To compete in the National Football League, athletes need to perform at their prime. The same is true of modern women, who juggle careers, young children, aging parents, and the demands of 21st century life. Fortunately, former National Football League player Brad Pyatt and his wife Stephanie Pyatt’s new line of TRUBAR by TRUWOMEN nutrition bars give women the energy they need to stay at the top of their game. Brad Pyatt and wife Stephanie Pyatt’s TruWomen energy bars are 100% Plant Fueled™, ensuring that women can compete in the modern world all the while, as Ginger Rogers once said, dancing backwards and in high heels.

No longer do women have to choose between clean eating and food that tastes great. With flavors like Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Smother Fudger Peanut Butter, and I Scream for Orange Cream, Brad Pyatt’s TruWomen energy bars taste delicious and are rapidly becoming the favorite treat of women everywhere. And, with each bar under 200 calories, they are the perfect snack for women who are watching what they eat.

Only simple ingredients you can pronounce go into TruWomen nutrition bars. Each bar is vegan certified, Kosher, and free of genetically modified organisms and sugar alcohols. With clean, all natural ingredients that are free of several common allergens including soy and dairy, they are also snacks women can feel good about giving to ther their families anytime, anywhere. Even the fair trade coca is full of antioxidants and rich, chocolate flavor. The nourishing fats are good for women’s hearts and are sustainably sourced.

In the National Football League, it takes an entire team to work together to win a championship. The same is true of TruWomen nutrition bars. Brad Pyatt, Stephanie Pyatt and the entire TruWomen team is pioneering a new business model that is committed to leadership opportunities for women and insists on pay equity across the board. Beyond the walls of the TruWomen offices, Brad Pyatt and the the team focuses company spending on vendors that are owned by women, were founded by women, or companies where women are represented equally. For a vendor to keep TruWomen’s business they must continue to raise up the women in their organizations. The end result is TruWomen elevating their business game at the same time they raise the bar on what a delicious, nutritious snack for the modern woman looks like.

After leaving the National Football League, Brad Pyatt started a nutritional supplement business that provided scientifically proven nutritional products to athletes. He has taken the expertise gained on and off the field and poured it into TruWomen nutrition bars. He was listed by Money, Inc., as one their Top 50 athlete-entrepreneurs. TRUBAR was founded by Brad Pyatt and his wife, Stephanie.

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