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Mindset And Fitness: Former NFL Star Brad Pyatt Explains Why Getting Your Mind Right Is The First Step To Getting Fit

Former Indianapolis Colts Star Brad Pyatt Explains Why Mindset Is Key For A Healthy Lifestyle

There can be many obstacles when it comes to getting fit and healthy, but according to football great Brad Pyatt, getting your mind right is the first step in the right direction. Check out Brad Pyatt‘s tips for keeping your head in the game when you’re starting to work toward getting (and staying) fit.

Check your motivation, says Brad Pyatt. If your only motivation is to fit into a certain pair of jeans or look good on vacation, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to stay on top of your plan long-term. Brad Pyatt says that lifestyle goals – such as having the energy to play with your kids and grandkids, or wanting to participate in 5Ks with your family – are much more likely to keep you on the path to health.

Brad Pyatt also recommends getting some accountability when it comes to getting healthy. Whether this means finding a community of like-minded people online, reaching out to a friend to set up a plan to check in with each other, or joining an in-person workout or running group, having the support and positive peer pressure of people who have similar goals can help you stay on track, even when you feel like falling off.

Sustainability is also important, according to Brad Pyatt. Crash dieting and intense fitness plans can produce short-term results, but the damage they do mentally is tough to reverse. It’s important to work to get out of the mentality that you’ll just work really hard for a few weeks, lose some weight for an event, then go back to your normal lifestyle. According to Brad Pyatt, a sustainable plan (that still allows you to rest, enjoy your favorite foods every once in a while, and have dessert from time to time) is an important part of developing the mentality that allows you to get and stay fit long-term.

Brad Pyatt also recommends finding a type of exercise that you enjoy. While you don’t need to be chomping at the bit at the start of every workout, you shouldn’t be dreading your exercise. At the end of a workout session, you should feel satisfied and relaxed, not exhausted or burnt out. Brad Pyatt says that it can take some time to find the right type of workout for you, so don’t be afraid to try a few different workouts in order to find the type of exercise that’s the best fit for you.


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